The Ultimate Spin Bike And Rowing Machine Review Guide

spin_bikeIf your looking for the best spin bike reviews 2015  on the web then look no further. This guide will help you choose which model is best for you. Exercise bikes are pricey and choosing the right one can be a difficult task. The price of an exercise bike usually varies and can range from $150-$3000. You really need to sit down and decide which model is best for you. There are 3 types of exercise bikes on the market: Spinning cycles, recumbent bikes, and upright bikes. My personal favorite is the spin bike, and this is probably the most common style. Recumbent bikes offer a lot more comfort than a spin bike but are usually a lot more expensive as well. Exercise bikes only workout the legs, which can be a major downfall. A better piece of equipment is a rowing machine. These work both the lower and upper body. The best rowing machine reviews of 2015 can be found here. Remember to spend a fair amount of time reading through reviews before making a decision on what piece of equipment you want. Having several solid pieces of machinery can last you years and can really help achieve all your fitness needs. When buying anything expensive I usually recommend setting up a pros and cons table and deciding. This helps you visually see which item is best for you. I usually do this after reading through several guides on the internet. Exercise is a vital part of your daily routine. You need to pick equipment that you can use day in and day out.

Is It Worth It To Buy An Exercise Bike?

A lot of people ask this question. The answer is simple, an exercise bike is an excellent way to get your workout in and can be an effective part of almost any workout plan. Some Benefits to buying an exercise bike are:

  • easy storage since small an compact
  • easy on the knees
  • less expensive than some other high en equipment
  • parts are usually cheap and easy to fix if need be
  • lots of models on the market
  • adjustable for people of most sizes
  • can last a lifetime if properly maintained
  • lots of technology in the newer models

Should I Choose a Rowing Machine Instead?

This answer isn’t really a yes or no answer. Some people may benefit more from a rowing machine while others a bike. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. Below are some of the reasons I love using my rowing machine:

  • works out both lower and upper body
  • built in fan
  • no power cord required
  • more strenuous of an exercise
  • easy storage
  • cheap and effective
  • not a lot of breakable components