Mission Motorsports

Mission Motorsports


For over 29 years has been a leader in the Motorcycle industry.

Whether it was back in his early days at JRB Racing, building custom performance products for racers Jeff Ward and Brad Dutoit, or now, as the owner of Mission Yamaha, Yamaha Motor Corporation’s first “Pilot Store.”

Mission Motorsports has built motors for moto-cross stars Bob “Hurricane” Hannah, Broc Glover, Mike Bell, Gary Denton and many more. Mission Motorsports is well known and liked throughout the motorsport industry and has been a major player in watercraft performance products. A few of the watercraft racers Mission Motorsports has built for include Tom Bonnacci, Chris MacClugage, Tera Laho, Frank Romero and Brent Flambures. In fact, Brent Flamhures is the newest addition to the Speed-Tech Performance Division, Brent ranked fourth in the Pro Runabout 1200 at the 1996 World Championship.

If you really want to run with the big dogs, make Mission Motorsports your Headquarters for all of your Needs.

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